Humblebragging Isn’t Really Being Humble

As is fairly common at every age and generation in history, new terms keep popping up, which somehow sneak their way into popular vernacular. Well, among the hipster, social media crowd at least. The problem is some of these terms become pretty tired and worn out awfully quickly. Why? Because they became synonymous, in my view, with proving to the world that you are one of the … [Read More...]

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What’s in a List?

As it turns out, for a lot of people, lists - with their name on them - or not - are a pretty big deal. I get it. Everyone likes to see their name up in lights, so … [Read More...]

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Win with Social Selling

I read another article this morning predicting that by 2020 fifty percent of salespeople will be looking for new careers. By the way, some pundits predict that … [Read More...]

Principles of Great Sales Messaging

I joined the #saleseu team to talk about why sales messaging is more important than ever. Great show hosted by Richard Young and Martha Neumeister every Wednesday at 10am Eastern.

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